About Us

Kristin DeLuca, has been riding horses for over 25 years. She has competed as a youg rider in Hunters, Equitation, and Dressage, as well as showing Morgans, Arabians, and Andalusians. Kristin has worked as a small and large animal veterinary technician, a veterinary sales representative, and most recently she has been a saddle specialist for Beval saddlery, providing custom fittings for Butet saddles. Kristin began her career in the field of animal rehabilitation in 1996, and has helped to rehabilitate grandprix show jumpers, dressage horses, and stakes winning racehorses.

Animal Rehabilitation Background:

Kristin DeLuca, T.P.M., C.C.R.P. has been a practitioner of Equine and Canine Physical Rehabilitation since 1996. Kristin has completed the Equimyo Certification for Equine and Canine Trigger Point Myotherapy, The University of Tennessee and Northeast Seminars Certificate Program in Canine Rehabilitation, and she is currently participating in Maximum Horsepower’s Equine and Canine Postural Rehabilitation program. Kristin has been a guest lecturer at the Tufts University Veterinary chiropractic module. In addition, Kristin has extensively studied sports massage and myofascial release in horses and dogs, and human massage therapy. Kristin has worked as a large and small animal veterinariany technician, specializing in the field of post surgery and injury rehabilitation. Using such modalities as myotherapy, myofascial release, hydrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser, regenerative medicine such as shockwave and Platelet Rich Plasma, and other physical therapy modalities for her animal rehabilitation programs. Working closely with veterinarians, she incorporates these therapies in evaluating, developing, and carrying out treatments for muscle injuries.

Kristin currently competes in the Young Horse Show Series, Dressage and sport horse breeding, and Hunter breeding with her young horses. Kristin also has 3 dogs, 2 Jack Russells, and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which she trains and competes in agility